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04 May 2023

10 Lesser-Known Facts about Online Bus Reservation System

These days, almost every successful bus transport business has an online reservation system. An online bus reservation system refers to a software application that enables travelers to book tickets online. Online bus ticket booking systems are actively used by travel agents, bus operators, and tour operators to handle ticket booking efficiently. On the other hand, travelers use the systems to get a hassle-free booking experience.

10 facts about online bus reservation system you might not know

1. The first online bus reservations software was called GDS (Greyhound Data Services) developed in the early 1990s by the North American bus operator company Greyhound Lines. The initial purpose for developing the online-based system was to enable travel agents to book Greyhound bus tickets electronically. Later, it was expanded to allow passengers to book tickets online through the Greyhound website.

2. The revolution of the online bus ticketing system began in 2004 when Indian company RedBus launched an automated ticketing system to enable travelers to book RedBus tickets directly through their website. Their success was an inspiration for other travel companies to integrate online ticketing system into their systems.

3. Automated ticketing system has positively impacted the number of bus travelers over the years. Online ticketing platforms have made bus ticket booking convenient and easy for passengers by allowing them to book tickets from anywhere with their smartphones, or computers. There is a significant increase in the number of bus travelers thanks to the convenience of the online bus reservation system.

How Online Ticket Booking System Improves User’s Experience

4. Online ticket booking systems allow people to choose available seats, select preferred payment methods from various options, and choose boarding and destination points along with a range of buses, and routes.

5. Many online bus ticketing systems allow passengers to book tickets from a dedicated app as well as directly from the website. With the revolution of smartphones in recent years, online ticketing has increased in huge numbers. Online ticketing systems have acknowledged the part of smartphones in our day-to-day life and created mobile apps so booking can be more convenient than ever.

Most Important Features of an Online Bus Booking App in 2023

6. Online ticketing system allows tour operators and bus operators can easily manage bookings, track fleets, get passenger data, and so much more which help them to streamline their businesses and plan better strategies.

7. Many online bus ticket booking systems have expanded their services beyond primary booking services. Many online ticketing systems nowadays come with additional features such as real-time bus updates, delay updates, bus schedules, boarding time updates, cancellation updates, and so on.
Other than that, many online bus ticketing software also provide customer support in the forms of web chat, phone support, and email support.

8 key features of an Online Bus Ticket Booking System

8. Online bus reservation systems can be highly customizable. Tour agents and bus operators can create and update seat layouts, and fleet schedules, set ticket fares, sell tickets and cancel ticket bookings, and do so much more.

Online Reservation System | How to Sell and Cancel Tickets

9. In the past, it was quite challenging for small and medium bus operators to compete with large companies due to their lack of resources and average ticketing framework.  But in recent years, online bus ticketing system has made it easier for small and medium businesses to compete with the big players in the travel industry by providing a level playing field for all sizes of businesses.

Why Do Businesses Integrate With Online Ticketing System Do Better

10. Online bus ticketing system has enabled travel agencies to provide their customers with additional services along with standard services. Thanks to online ticketing, many travel agencies have become a one-stop shop from where customers can book hotels, explore packages, and book online bus tickets easily and conveniently.

Expand your business with the online ticket booking system


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